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OASIS Rainwater Harvesting Systems

Rainwater harvesting systems made by Water Technology Engineering Ltd. in Yorkshire, UK.

On this site you will discover all you need to know about cost effective rainwater harvester installations, rainwater storage tanks and how easy it can be to use free rainwater for domestic, commercial and agricultural purposes.

Why waste free rain?

Oasis rain water harvester tank made in Yorkshire
OASIS underground rainwater harvesting tanks have a 30 year warranty
Rain Harvester Principles - Capture, Filter, Store, Reuse image
Rainwater Harvesting is the perfect way to recycle water

OASIS Rain Water Harvesting systems are unique with a 30 year tank warranty.

We have designed one SIMPLE, RELIABLE and AFFORDABLE rainwater harvesting system for both domestic and commercial properties. Our tanks are a leak-proof ONE PIECE construction, made in the UK, with no complex assembly of a 2 piece tank.

Unlike most other rainwater harvester manufacturers, we make only ONE rainwater harvesting system that can be used for ALL purposes - domestic home and garden, commercial and agricultural applications. There is no need to wade through pages of complicated pump, filter and syphon options and prices - all you need to choose is the size of the rainwater storage tank.

Rainwater Harvesting Systems without the complications

The size of the roof is very important when it comes to the maximum size of tank allowed under BS 8515 2009
The size of rainwater harvesting tank depends on your roof area
Rainwater Harvesters allow all year round watering for the garden image
Water your garden with free rainwater

Benefits obtained from Rainwater Recyling for Home and Business in the UK

  • Rainwater Harvesting saves up to 50% of your mains water cost.
  • A volume of rainwater is kept out of the storm-water management system, helping to reduce flooding risks.
  • Rainwater Harvesting gains important Eco-homes water useage rating points for your property.
  • Rainwater recycling is better for your garden and home as it has a balanced pH, does not produce limescale and is free of chemicals such as chlorine found in mains water.
  • Rain can be used for watering all types of livestock, including horses and they prefer the taste of rainwater without the chemicals.
  • You will use less detergents with soft rainwater. Using rainwater reduces the cost of your weekly shop.

OASIS - specialists in rainwater harvesting since 1998. All our rainwater harvesters are designed to the BS 8515 2009 New British Standard for Rain Harvesters in the UK.

Ponds, like rain water harvesters, form part of SUDS (Sustainable Drainage Guidelines)
Rainwater harvesting forms an important part of SuDS

The Future for Rainwater Harvesting and Rain Collection in the UK

Sustainable Drainage - New Guidelines for the UK - SUDS - Sustainable Drainage Systems

Saving rainwater, rainwater collection and recycling for household use is essential for the future development of sustainable houses in the UK and Rainwater Harvesting forms an important part of the SuDS Sustainable Drainage Systems new guidelines.

Please contact us to discuss the various ways that you can incorporate SuDS and rainwater harvesting into your development.

The Environment Agency, in an effort to prevent flooding by roofwater discharging directly to mains drainage systems, is also supporting and encouraging these rainwater harvesting system United Kingdom Environment Agency guidelines and rainharvesting tanks have become a mandatory part of new development in the future.

'All the water that will ever be is, right now.' - National Geographic October 1993

Oasis Underground Water Tanks

OASIS systems are manufactured using fibreglass underground water storage tanks, not plastic, here in the UK

Rainwater Harvesters - The Principle
Rainwater Harvesting is simple. Water from the roof is filtered and stored in the OASIS tank, from where it is pumped on demand to garden taps, washing machines and toilets.

Why Harvest the Rain?

Because rainwater harvesting makes sense. Rainwater can be used for so many domestic and commercial purposes. It is free, clean and harvesting helps to fight the effects of climate change for both drought and flooding.

Benefits of using rain instead of mains water

Rainwater is a free, natural, environmentally friendly resource. Rainwater Harvesting upholds all the ethics of Sustainablity - Reduce, Recyle and Reuse, as used by

It acts as a cushion against future price increases by the Water Companies - future Hose Pipe Bans will not affect you. - Helps to reduce flash flooding - Easy to install.

OASIS Rainwater Harvesting Tanks - Benefits and Features

Made from Fibreglass which, unlike plastic, does not bend under pressure.

  • Designed for a simple DIY installation
  • 30 year tank warranty
  • Easy water connections for up to 110mm standard drainage
  • Screw down manhole lid.

Reduced Surface Water Soakaway Area Required

If you install a rainwater harvester then the surface water soakaway area required is reduced dramatically as it is only needed for the tank overflow during periods of heavy rain.

This has big advantages for small gardens.

Less strain on the septic tank soakaway area

As the rainwater soakaway is reduced in size it frees up more space for a septic tank soakaway.

Less energy and chemical use for rain used in the home and business compared to mains water

In the UK, every litre of water uses 280 watts of electricity to purify it. We then waste all this energy by using the water to flush our toilets and water our gardens when we could be water harvesting for free.

Many chemicals are also used in water purification and these are not required for rainwater.

Rain water harvesting saves you money and helps to save the environment

Ideal for Eco Villages

OASIS Rain Water Harvesting - Free Water From Nature

Oasis Rainwater Harvesting

Unit 2, Bolton House Farm, York YO41 5QX

Tel 01759 369915

Email james@wte-ltd.co.uk

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